BMW Maintenance: 6 Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Running Like New

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BMW Maintenance: 6 Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Running Like New

Keep Your BMW in Tip-Top Shape

BMWs are the Ultimate Driving Machine for a reason. Not only that, the vehicle warranty every BMW receives– whether new or Certified Pre-Owned– is almost as iconic. Still, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take steps to maintain the health of your BMW.

The better you take care of your BMW, the longer you’ll maintain peak performance. So, what can you do? Quite a bit, actually. Read on to discover six tips to keep your BMW running smoothly.

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1. Get Your Oil Change Regularly

Your oil change might seem like a basic thing that isn’t all that vital, but even if you get your BMW oil change regularly, postponing your oil change each time passed the recommended date and waiting can lead to issues down the line.

That’s because, when your vehicle runs out of oil, it no longer has anything to protect itself from the natural wear-and-tear of driving. And the longer you drive like that, the more damage, which builds up over time.

2. Use the Right Gasoline

If you fill up without a second thought, you might want to take a minute to check to see what type of gasoline is recommended for your vehicle.

For most BMW vehicles, it’s recommended that you use high-octane gasoline– 91 or higher– but that’s not the case for every BMW. Make sure to look up what octane is best for your BMW as it will help preserve your vehicle’s long-term health.

3. Get Your BMW’s Other Fluids Checked Regularly

Fluids are always the last thing we think about as car owners, but several are vital in keeping your BMW running like new. However, the only way to know what those fluids are and how often you’ll need them replaced is by taking your vehicle to a certified BMW technician.

4. Rotate Your Tires

In a perfect world, your tires would run down evenly and you could take them in once and get them all replaced in a single go. Unfortunately, they don’t, as the front and back of your vehicle typically carries a different weight load. So, it’s important to take your BMW in to get your tires rotated periodically, which is best done during your regular BMW maintenance schedule.

5. Check Your Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is another oft-overlooked element of BMW maintenance, but it’s another vital one. Riding your BMW with the wrong tire pressure can not only accelerate tire wear, it can actually affect fuel efficiency.

Fortunately, you can check your tire pressure easily with a tire pressure sensor. Just make sure to take your BMW in right away if your tire pressure drops below the recommended tire pressure of your specific tire model, generally around 32 to 35 PSI.

6. Replace Your Engine Air Filter

Lastly, make sure to replace your engine air filter regularly. Why is it important? Your engine air filter is designed to catch debris that could fly into your engine, ensuring its ability to “breathe” clean air. If you don’t change your engine air filter, it can lead to issues with both fuel economy and even your vehicle’s acceleration.

Visit BMW of Tampa to Keep Your BMW Running Smoothly

Whether you have a bright new shiny BMW or you’re looking to maintain the long-term health of your existing BMW, we hope these tips help. Maintaining your vehicle’s long-term health doesn’t have to be difficult, all it takes is some basic upkeep and to make sure you take your BMW in for regular maintenance.

Visit BMW of Tampa or schedule service online today to get your BMW serviced by certified BMW technicians and keep it performing like new.

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